Lightbox was brought on board to help PACHA Ibiza Dubai create the sound experience worthy of the world famous brand. Lightbox provided customised solutions attuned to the needs of the various spaces that made up the club providing the ultimate audio experience and transforming the space into Dubai's most happening venue.

November 15, 2014

  • PACHA Dubai Audio Install by Lightbox Professional

A project 4 years in the making, PACHA Ibiza Dubai launched in November 2014. Taking over three floors previously occupied by Trilogy at Madinat Jumeirah, PACHA incorporates a bar, a rooftop terrace and a restaurant as well as a club.

“We are going to create a unique show especially for the Dubai market” says global franchise director Marta Planells. “We are not just bringing a nightclub to Dubai – we are bringing the spirit of the island. What PACHA has is history and soul”.

Designing the sound that exemplifies this vision across the various spaces that create the PACHA experience, came with its own set of challenges. PACHA’s Main Room with it asymmetrical design, meant that the sound needed to be extremely directional so as to avoid overlap. The Red Room has similar challenges as well as the need to ensure perfect time alignment due to its unique curved wall design. The open rooftop on the other hand created additional challenges given the restrictions placed on maximum decibel levels due to the presence of residences all around. It was imperative to drive the sound levels to a degree that exemplified the PACHA energy while staying within the limits prescribed by the local authorities – something the previous occupants of the space found difficult to achieve.

Lightbox came up with a solution to tackle all of the challenges while creating the sound befitting a PACHA experience. We chose d&b series speakers and subwoofers as it is designed with the intent of aiding directionality of sound. This allowed us to control how the sound was experienced in every corner of every space. In an incredible testament to d&b Audiotechnik, PACHA continues to be one of the hottest venues in Dubai, UAE.

Here is a list of equipment that was used for the project

d&b V-Series

  • Vi8
  • Vi12

d&b Q-Series

  • Qi1
  • Qi7
  • Qi10
  • Qi-SUB

d&b xS-Series

  • 8S
  • 10S
  • 12S
  • 12S-SUB
  • 18S
  • 18S-SUB

d&b Amplifiers

  • D6
  • D12


  • Symetrix Radius AEC
  • Symetrix Xout 12


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