Cooper’s Bar Abu Dhabi

Lightbox helped Cooper revamp their audio systems to help create the vibe during bar & restaurant hours while doubly as a system that pumps club music during later hours until closing.

November 15, 2014

  • Coopers Bar Abu Dhabi - Audio Install by Lightbox Professional

Cooper’s offers everything the one needs for an excellent relaxed outing – great food with weekly specials, a wide selection of beverage and live entertainment. Cooper’s needed an overhaul of their sound systems as it was inadequate to serve the needs of the space. The existing system wasn’t able to deliver a proper audio experience in every corner of their existing space.

Cooper’s needed a system that could survive the demands of multi purpose space. For the majority of the time the sound needed to cater to a bar & restaurant crowd while later catering to a more club type environment. While this posed some interesting challenges in terms of system deployment, Lightbox was able to create a system that fit the requirements perfectly.

Lightbox deployed d&b systems <<enter system details here>>. Additionally Lightbox utilized a scheduler that allowed gradual increments in sound over a period of time and get the space ready for the dual purpose it needed to serve.

Cooper’s was able to significantly improve their attendance and revenues due to the improvements in sound and overall experience patrons were able to get.

Here is a list of equipment that was used for the project

d&b xS-Series

  • 5S
  • 8S
  • 10S-D
  • 18S-SUB

d&b Amplifiers

  • D6 Amplifier


  • Symetrix Jupiter 8

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